Friday, February 5, 2021



I swear the delivery is fireAye look
Zen master on every beat
Paleo flow nothin sweet
Mama raised me on forum park
Used To go to church on club creekFake rappers they make me laugh
J slim did 8 and a half
Kinfolk used to spend the night in bandos just to take a bathNo games no joke
Can’t make change, if you stay broke
Half of y’all be sleep walking but
Be tagging me talkin’ ’bout stay wokeLook half the time I be with my chick
The other half I be in the church
I Really wish that I could politic
With the mob but they still movin workA look shoutout Daniel
Shoutout curt, it’s g-m-o-b till I d-I-e my whole life
Went streets UNT mvp then a degree on Christ
I kill beats like B-I-G P-A-C and Benjamin 3
Stacks. Peep facts. Boy I’m top of the line,
See fat. Don’t confuse her with one of these dimesShe a quarter
Heavy supporter
If I did sell drugs she would head to the border
Grateful that her mama never had to abort her
Faithful to the thought that we could have us a daughterOr a son, either way she the one
My mama think I rap for fun but I’m rapping for funds
I need change if I think that change is ever gon come
She been praying for the day that I just say that I’m doneI said never, I’m way to clever
Plus I don’t rap for the cheddar
When the beat drop all the sheep see a Shepard
Mad cow disease I be killin these heifers
Never seen purpose with skin black as pepper
I got the juice I got the nectar
Yellow bone hair, I got the texture
Never forget that I flow for the lepers


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