Wednesday, February 3, 2021



UhRemember cold nights staring out windows, watching my breath fog
Before I was on point with knuckles like that hedgehog
Used to puff chronic and sip the tonic
In the state of the blue bonnet, where they leave you worse than bubonic
‘Specially if you stayed over there off on Park
Way before Jeff pushed that ‘Lac the color of corn starch
We had never worn hearts on our sleeve ’cause the leaf
It breed G’s and the knees often weak
If you speak anything harsh over my hood, you crazy
Word to my mama
They put somethin’ in the clip the same shape as a comma
And go bananas with hammers
If manners is somethin’ that you lackin’
While pushin’ Anglo-Saxon
Colored contraband
In the land where they ain’t wrapped too tight
Grew up ’round wild boys
No MGK, they was just wrappin’ white
Half my life, thought about packin’ knives
Ratchets lied all on my mattress
No magnets, I’d attract blackness ’til I begat this
No road to Damascus type of journey
‘Round ’bout the time DK had offed himself
Often felt that he lost hisself to a coffin ’cause calls for help were
Never answered, he had to dance with a lot of demons
My clever banter could never recant the life of scheming
That I lived when I was out here with G-Mar goin’ live
Before Chops caught them cases and had to go for five
Before J-Slim caught that agg’ and had to sit down for eight
Before Lil Charles had that dough and powder, no funnelcake
I was with my running mates
We boxed, but had the gun in place
My dawgs was like Deion Sanders
In the field and runnin’ back, uh
Spit guava, I’m a thick juice buah
Catch you eyeing my wife, I’ll patch your eye like Slick Rick Ruler
I got more drive than four Lyfts and six new Ubers
But my mama hated on me ’til I blew like a Five-Deuce Hoover, uh
No Crip, I need more chips and a nose clip
‘Cause the smell is atrocious, hope you notice
Just how cuckoo the flow is when I’m focused
I am Chuku to locust, who approach this?
Now leave me ‘lone and let me learn you somethin’
Elohim taught me how to cook, now I can curve the onion
Booty, truly, you big, better shoot it
If you’d do that
Contrary to what you see in movies, but
That’s hard to do when you ain’t got no point of reference
I understand your point of view, so I anoint the lessons
In my message, peep my essence
I keep all my flows open-minded so you can see the blessings
Now can you see it? It’s the question of the day here
Hair extra nappy, but I’m always down to catch a fade
My dawg Simon’s touched more white than Abercrombie state-to-state
Swear they know the flow tsunami, hopefully they catch the wave
On my journeyYeah
Swear they know the flow tsunami, hopefully they catch the wave
On my journey, journey, journey, journey
Journey, journey, journey
Ayy, I look, I pray you catch


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