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Social Club Misfits – Sinatra / Ca$h Lyrics

Social Club Misfits – Sinatra / Ca$h  Lyrics

Our algorithms aren’t the same, we see different things
Raised differently, another wave frequency
This goes out to you, this goes out to you
We 10 albums in, what y’all tryna do
Put my foot plus my soul and spirit when I run these lyrics
Ain’t a person who I met yet who could do something with it
Some say they savage, but they life show otherwise
Everybody a Thundercat till you get that gun surprise
45 to your dome you thinking ’bout wifey
You gave your life to God at that concert
Your faith been tested
But this time it’s feeling like you ran out of options
The feeling that I bring through a verse such detail and doctrine,
But I tell you myself you need a church and a pastor
Like a team with a coach tryna lead you to rapture
Instagram and Snapchat gonna see the God coming down
Thunderous sound what a sight, bodies done rose from the ground
Get inspired, but I’m never tired
If there’s work to be done I’m gonna be on deck, proper attire
On stage leave it all there till I’m drenched
Ball player vibes, I’m John Bench and y’all benched
(Who is it?) it’s the Social Club Misfits Representative
(What you do?) Still keep it G while meeting up with executives
(What else?) My boy said tell the story how you made it out
How the pen and the pad had it written down
How I use to skip class ’cause the teacher really couldn’t teach me much
Failed the class summer school got the same teacher, bruh
My flow been unorthodox
I underscore
Please understand the undertaker still coming for, you
FernWe’re sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service at this timeYeah, uh, I just wanna leave right now, can we go
I just wanna leave right now, can we go
Can we goYeah, uh, Feel like I don’t belong here
Happy you ain’t gone yet
I don’t feed the nonsense
Young Marty killing everything before the contract
Had to leave Nordstrom, it was slowing down my progress
I thought if I made it I would be happier
Friends started acting weird saying that I’m Hollywood
Depression in my mind saying I should quit
But I’m not here because I failed, I’m here because I didn’t
Yeah, still living one day at a time
Don’t care about your top 5 when most of mine are gone
Things changed, I’m a different type of artist
Try to put my friends on, but I lost some in the process
Still underrated, our last album had some pop hits
10 projects down, and we’re still just getting started
Yeah still just getting started,
If I die tonight I hope I go out as a martyr yeah
When you leave will they miss you
On the road to Heaven, nobody goes with you


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