IvyPanda $1,500 Annual Video Contest Scholarship Application

IvyPanda $1,500 Annual Video Contest Scholarship Application

Each year IvyPanda awards creative and talented in movie making students with scholarships $1500 total. To be part of the Annual Video Contest Scholarship Application. simply read this article to get started.

Scholarships are given to two winners: the winner receives a $1,000 scholarship; the runner-up prize is $500.

IvyPanda is a student success hub designed to improve the educational outcomes and learning capabilities of students around the world by connecting them with academic experts and by providing highly-efficient self-study services and online tools.

IvyPanda $1,500 Annual Video Contest Scholarship


Videos from current high school, college, or university students from any country. The winners will be required to send IvyPanda proof of their academic status or enrollment.

Submission requirements

  • Record an original video on one of the following topics:
    • Money-Managing Tips for Students
    • Socializing in College: Your Advice
    • How to Enhance Your Studying With the Use of Digital Age Tools

    Your video must:

    • Cover one of the topics given above
    • Be in English only
    • Have a creative, catchy title that reflects your ideas
    • Last between 1 – 1:30 minutes
    • Be submitted in one of the following formats: .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI
    • Be sent before the deadline
  • Upload your video to one of these file-hosting services: DropboxGoogle DriveNo video should be set to public access before the Contest.
  • Subscribe to IvyPanda’s first and second YouTube channels; like and share the Contest video-description on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • Send an email to scholarship@ivypanda.com with:
    • The direct link to your uploaded video (the share option must be set to “Give access to anyone with the link”)
    • The screenshots of your subscriptions to IvyPanda’s YouTube channels
    • The screenshot of the Contest video-description shared on social media
    • The detailed answer to the question: “Where did you find out about the IvyPanda Contest?”

It is allowed to make animated videos as well as film yourself or your friends
Each participant may submit only one video and win just one award.

Evaluation I

Before your video is published on the IvyPanda YouTube channel, our editorial team will evaluate your submission based on the following criteria:

  • Content Usefulness
  • Engagement
  • Creativity
  • Production

The best videos that meet all the criteria will be published on the second IvyPanda YouTube channel and opened up for online voting.

Evaluation II

The two videos that receive the most likes on YouTube will be determined as the winners.
Social media shares are allowed and may improve your chances of winning. Our support team will make sure that cheating is not possible.


Winners will be announced on this page as well as on the IvyPanda blog.

To receive their awards, the winners must provide proof of enrollment or study. If they cannot or will not provide this confirmation, the award will be given to the next appropriate participant in line.

Application Closing Date

The application deadline is on the 31st of October, 2020.

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