How To Register VK Without Phone Number, VK Phone Number Verification

How To Register VK Without Phone Number

VK social network is a social network like Facebook which is in Russian-speaking countries, and following the interest of new users what really wants to create an account has been longing to also know about How To Register VK Without Phone Number.

How To Register VK Without Phone Number

How to Sign Up For VK Network Without Giving Your Personal Phone Number is one of the mean reasons you are reading this post because here in today’s post I will be showing you all that you just need to know.

First thing first, Like you may know that the Facebook social network really does not require you to verify your phone number in order to sign up at the very beginning, and if you wish, you can update your personal information after the account has been created. This is because you have the option to either create your account with Phone number or Email Address.

However, it might interest you to know about the features of having VK membership, you can quickly check it out below now:

What Are The Features of having VK Account Profile

VK is a social network that has most of the population from Russians themselves and, of course, Russian speaking people in other countries of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and … But that really does not mean you can’t join.

However, below are the features which are said to be the experience

1. Because most of the population is from Russians which foreign people are not seen often! So the platform gives you a great opportunity if you want to become more familiar with the Russian people.

2. In as much as The VK social network, which is a tough rival for Facebook in Russia, it also has an English interface and, of course, about 80 other languages are also supported in VK.

3. In Vk, you really don’t need to worry about finding friends, is very simple and fast and there is no need to worry

4. The free download link for the document files, books, the software, the movies and etc. Also, you will have access to a huge database of pieces of what you can listen to for free! It is placed on this network.

5. With the search feature in the messages, you can easily find your favorite content.

6. If you forget your login password one day, you can simply set a new password by sending a password reset request to your mobile phone or email address

So that is just it. But remember that there are more you can as well enjoy from the VK platform once you are successfully a registered member

How To Bypass VK Phone Number Sign Up verification?

Have seen people searching online for questions like Is There Any Way To Bypass Phone Number verification To Sign Up For VK? UK temporary phone number, virtual phone number To Sign Up For VK? etc but below is what you just need to understand now.

Following the VK Portal user, they make you and I to understand that they are still yet to see VK ever use their phone number and it’s only used when your phone number is required to reset your password.

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So the purpose of VK website is not to receive your personal phone number to send spammy messages/calls or promotional things. Rather is just for you to be able to recover your account when you don’t have access to it again.

How To Sign Up VK Without Personal Phone Number

With above understanding I below you now know that it is really impossible to Create VK Account Without entering a phone number, but there are still some ways that you do not need to provide your personal mobile number. So quickly follow this process below.

01) Proceed to download and install it for your mobile (Windows Phone, Android, iOS). and open it

02) Or visit the VK website at

03) First, enter the information requested in the form above and sign up for VK account, but you can shorten the registration process by selecting the Continue as a button with your Facebook account.

NOTE: If you have already created and logged in to your Facebook account then you don’t need to

04) So if you did not sign up with a Facebook account, then you can have to then verify your account once you click on the “Sign Up” button

VK Phone Number Verification Via SMS

05) So once that is done above, In the following,

06) You will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number, which is capable of receiving SMS, to send a confirmation message.

07) Then proceed to enter entering the number and then just press the Get code button.

08) Then your account will be verified. and ready to use your account just like others.

So that is just it. But before I proceed to also show you another way in which you can easily get your VK Phone Number, I will like you to quickly check below to see how you can as well proceed to download the mobile application for easy login and access.

VK App Download

Just like you should know by now that getting the VK mobile app is just very simple and easy as long as you are using a smartphone.

However, all you just need to do is to visit your mobile application store and then proceed to search for the VK app with the search bar. Once you find it, then you can proceed with your download and you are just very much good to go and start enjoying the amazing Vk account just as everyone else does.

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Alternative Way to Verify VK Phone Number With Entering Yours.

Well, there are two suggested methods for not having to enter your personal phone number at this point for any reason.

To get a cheap SIM card that will only be used to verify your VK account! or build a virtual number using programs like TextNow

So that is just it. With any of these two methods, you can proceed to verify your account easily. Surely I don’t need to tell you that with this you will surely see How To Register VK Without Phone Number or others. That is just it.


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