How To Apply For Brunel University Sports Scholarship 2020/21

How To Apply For Brunel University Sports Scholarship 2020/21

Brunel university sports scholarship headline its elite student sport package offering funding up to £3,000 and on-campus support to its very best students at the top of their sporting discipline and here is how you can apply for the scholarship award

The Sports Scholarship Programme award will contain exclusive benefits that focus on access to great training facilities as well as support facilities all available on campus. There is a wide range of talented students at Brunel University London, therefore the programme is designed to benefit those students from a world-class performance level competing at an international level through to English Schools Champions.

The university offers the following Sport Scholarships tiers for team sports:

  • Gold Sports Scholarship Award  – participating at major international competitions at a Senior level
  • Silver Sports Scholarship Award – participating at junior international competitions or equivalent
  • Bronze Bursary Award – participating at a national level/national ranking competition.

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Brunel University Sports Scholarship 2020/21

Priority Sports

Students that compete in one of the University’s priority sports, see list below, will be given priority for funding. However, all other sports will be considered.

Our priority/performance sports are Athletics, Netball, Rugby, Basketball & Futsal.

Other sports include Archery, Badminton, Canoeing/Rowing, Cycling, Women’s Football, Golf, Hockey, Judo, Squash, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Triathlon, Olympic wrestling, and Olympic weightlifting.

Individuals Sports Scholarship Awards

For those that compete in an individual sport, such as Athletics, you will receive an initial Sports Scholarship award of £200. There will be financial rewards linked to performances at the BUCS Championships throughout the year. Kindly note that there will be no other cash awards available through the course of the academic year – the bulk of your scholarship is attached to successful performances at the BUCS championships as detailed below.

Individual events

  • Gold Medal – £1000
  • Silver Medal – £750
  • Bronze Medal – £500

Please note that there is a financial reward cap of £3,000 for all BUCS performances in one academic year.  Further terms and conditions apply.

Scholarship Benefits

What is included in this scholarship award are as follow;

  • Cash award up to £3000 per academic year
  • Support Package benefits/products worth over £500
  • Athlete-friendly accommodation on campus next to sports facilities
  • Sport Psychology support
  • Free use of world-class sports facilities including Indoor Athletics Centre and Strength & Conditioning area
  • Free weekly physio sessions
  • Free spa access
  • Sport scholarship kit

Note: Cash awards vary annually depending upon sport, funding and support. The programme does not cover accommodation costs or tuition fees

Who Can Apply For The Scholarship Award?

If you are wondering who can apply for the scholarship award, then you should know that anyone can apply for an award as long as they have met the academic requirements for a course and subsequently been given a conditional or unconditional place at Brunel University London. 

As main criteria, all applicants must be able to demonstrate sporting achievement at junior international level or equivalent in one of the priority sports listed below and/or evidence a top 10 age ranking within their chosen sport.

Please note, that competition for scholarships can be very high and you must be able to show evidence of your sporting achievements and supporting information from your National Governing Body Performance Director/National Coach. Meeting these criteria is not a guarantee for a Scholarship award.

How To Apply

To apply for the scholarship award, simply click on the application form below to download

Application Deadline

  1. The first deadline for applications is the 31 July to ensure accommodation places are met if you have opted for athlete-friendly accommodation.
  2. The second deadline will be 31 August, but will not guarantee athlete friendly accommodation.

Late applications may be considered after these dates (through Clearing) but will be subject to the scholarship committees decision.

Please contact if you have any questions on this Brunel University Sports Scholarship 2020/21. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can know about it.


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