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Guvna B – Cushty Lyrics

Guvna B – Cushty Lyrics

TSB Yeah
If you see me on roads, say “Wha’g’wan”, come and stay, cool (Cool)
I ain’t in the back at the bus
Won’t stay a man down, cah this ain’t school (Nah)
I go to the spot, if they pat man down
Won’t find no tools (Won’t find no tools)
Whole team on that, don’t need no waps they clean new rules (Eee)
Collide cah right now whole squad go’n’ brazy (Brazy)
Cuz jus’ came of the wing
He ain’t go’n’ back in, he’s go’n’ new places (Gone)
The dargs don’t bite no more, no rabies
Thank God for the grace, B
They’re on different gravy (Different)
Stay blessed on the socials, cause I can’t do war online (No way)
A man try hype in the comments, tell a man can’t do war on mine, nah
Everybody gettin’ on fine, come tru slide, get dere on time, yeah
FIFA, food an’ grime, motive live
You know the vibes (You know the vibes)
Had beef with Barn’, but that’s bro, so man squashed it (Family)
We linked in central, then went Kano, doing up mosh pit (Mad)
Who God bless, no man curse, the mandem clocked it (Clocked it)
They test me, but I bob then weave, a man’s not boxingRight now everyting cushty
Tell a man “Don’t push me”
Right now everyting cushty
Might slide through the ‘hood, B
Yeah (Yeah)Still-still dressed all in black (Black)
Faith ‘n’ hope, that’s all intact (Intact)
I don’t wanna hear ’bout all them straps (Nah)
I’m from the ends, that’s boring stats (Boring)
“Sis jus’ got in Cambridge
Bro’s in Oxford”, yeah G, more of that (More o’ that)
An’ tours, awards an’ plaques, dun know we all from flats
Real, dis
Free school dinners (Dinners)
Pots didn’t have no Bimmer
Cuz didn’t have no figure
That’s why he roll with the olders
Strap to your dome, see Dom get liquor (Liquor)
But nobody’s a winner (Winner)
Mum broke down in Tesco, she won’t ever see her son get bigger (Sad)
So, can’t jus’ flip that flow, nah, I’m gonna flip that mode
Big boy strap an’ the kickback loads (Yeah)
Ten years old when he hit that road (Yeah)
There’s gotta be another way, cah I need man home for Mother’s Day
So like, she’s one hug away
Gotta turn our back on our stubborn ways (Bad)
Wanna see the Gs, dems ride out
Come tru fine like “This is the life!”
Whole ‘hood seen dark times so we
Gotta move like “This is the light” (Yeah)
One step forward, two steps back, but this is a fight (Fight, man)
Can’t just get by, so everyting—Right now everyting cushty
Tell a man “Don’t push me”
Right now everyting cushty
Might slide through the ‘hood, B
YeahIf you see me on roads, say “Wha’g’wan”, come and stay, lovely
Fam’, it’s all blessed, man as on deck gotta shout out Mumsy (Mumsy)
I could never tell a young boy “Country”
But I might put ‘im on a plane
Take him on tour an’ tell him “Get comfy”Ten toes on the streets, nah, ten tours in two weeks, yeah
It’s kickin’ off in East, told young G “Never back that beef”
Why? I don’t wanna see man bleed
So, out ‘ere turnin’ cheeks
An’ I know it ain’t easy
Streets be greazy and that’s each, yeah Weeks, yeah
Days in the ends be bleak, yeah
Bruddas in a back o’ the Jeep, yeah
Tinted whip, can’t see clear
Out on a strip, that’d be weird
Look at that boy with a deep stare
“Run man down”‘s what they teach here
Hard on the roads an’ it’s peak, prayer
Used in the ends, got talent an’ skill
Gotta plan it an’ build an’ achieve, there’s
Too many lives been lost on the roads
And I don’t wanna see a man reap tears
Tell a man “It’s all love” when I pass
Through time we have all seen peace, here
North, west, south to the east, know that
Everyting—Go”a be
Everyting cushty
Don’t push me
Right now everyting cushty
When I slide through the ‘hood, B
That when I slide through the ‘hood, B
Everyting cushty
Tell a brudda “Don’t push me”
Can’t shush me, everyting cushty
You get me


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